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David Lanni

David is an actor, comedy writer, voice actor, musician, and host.  He was a radio dj for both music and talk shows.

Nicknamed the Human Encyclopedia, he is a wellspring of facts about a broad range of subjects from comedy, politics, US history, rock and roll, comics, film, and more.

He was the bassist in a number of bands, including XFYA in which he was also the vocalist in the first music video ever shot on a camera phone, “Haber Get Down.”

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Lauren Lanni

Lauren is a writer, blogger, and host. covers subjects from photography, recipes, decor, beauty, and more.

Her interests range from the fantasy and sci-fi genres in fiction, television, film and art, to classic cinema, singing, and photography.

Current projects include a YA series and a graphic novel.

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What is SUPERCULTURED about?

Supercultured covers a variety of subjects from our take on movies, tv shows, books, cultural events like Comic Con, video games, comics, games, and more.


Does every episode have spoilers?

We have spoilers in almost every episode. So proceed with caution if you don’t want to know what may happen in a show you haven’t seen. Or jump in with both feet if that sort of thing is your bag.





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